Software Architect
GB, London
Full time

At H3 Space, we're pushing to change the future of the built environment into a new direction, we are building a new human-centred design platform.

Our driving mission - to revolutionise the built environment from top to bottom and empower designers from all walks of life with a platform for all individuals to create a better planet.


H3 Space department consists of around 30 developers and QA engineers across backend, frontend, mobile and QA teams. The mission of the Technology department is to develop technical solutions that continuously bring value to our client’s digital products.

We are looking for a Software Architect who will bring our definition and implementation phases of complex digital products to a whole new level. Alongside our Head of Technology, you will help shape and develop products, improve the quality standard of the department and be a mentor to less experienced developers. Your area of focus will be the whole system architecture with an emphasis on backend architecture and DevOps process.

The salary range that we are offering for this position is 25k – 40k HRK (brutto 1), depending on experience and skill-set.

  • Define architecture of digital products, including codebase architecture, choice of cloud technologies (such as AWS services), infrastructure, tech stack, databases & 3rd party frameworks

  • Maintain high quality bar of the project aligned with company’s development guidelines (tech stack, performance, architecture, clean and high quality code) and improve them to reach higher industry standards

  • Introduce new technologies and approaches in the company’s tech stack

  • Validate other team member’s implementational approach

  • Assist other team members (from juniors to seniors) and push them beyond their current capabilities

  • Improve other’s coding abilities through code review, internal educations, discussions and pairing

  • Give high-level effort estimates

  • Present your solutions in front of clients, stakeholders and colleagues

  • Cooperate with other teams and work closely with product owners & product managers to define features and roadmap for products

  • Provide strategic technical consulting to clients and product owners/managers

  • 5+ years of work experience in the field of development

  • Excellent knowledge of software architectures, design patterns and best practices

  • Excellent knowledge of OOP and CI/CD workflows

  • Good knowledge of databases (SQL/ NoSQL)

  • Experience in web frameworks (such as .NET Core, Symfony, NestJS…)

  • Good knowledge of DevOps tools & techniques (containerization, monitoring, testing…)

  • Good knowledge of cloud technologies (AWS, GCP…)

  • Excellent organizational, communication and mentorship skills

  • Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements

  • Excellent knowledge of Croatian (C1) and English language (B2) (communication with clients)

  • Experience with NodeJS, PHP (Symfony), React (Next), PostgreSQL

  • Experience with serverless frameworks & paradigms (such as AWS Lambda, ECS, Vercel…)

  • Experience in creating digital products for startups

  • A 13” Macbook Pro

  • A smartphone of your choice with a business mobile plan

  • Monthly one-on-one meetings with a Head of Technology, and structured biannual meetings about professional development

  • Ability to define new and upgrade existing processes within the team, and change how things are done

  • Parking spaces and secure storage for bikes

  • Access to a variety of industry-related books, magazines and additional reading materials

  • Ability to modify your daily working hours according to your needs

  • Lots of internal educations from your colleagues & external educations from industry experts

  • Most likely some new friends

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Design Tool and Marketplace for building designs of the past and future

Our company is revolutionising the architectural innovation process

Our vision

Giving back the ownership of architectural digital assets to architects and designers


Impacting the future by developing now

We are revolutionising the architectural built platform, creating opportunities for both amateurs and professionals. This visionary product is being designed by creative, inventive individuals who genuinely care about improving how we do things. By working with us, you can cause meaningful change and make an impact on future generations.

Our culture

We foster an atmosphere that promotes creativity and ingenuity. Our people are passionate about creating meaningful work that has a real impact. We believe that building an inclusive culture is not just words – culture is seen in every interaction.

We maintain an environment of team spirit and believe that values are more important than a rigid policy. Our team comprises talented individuals from all over the world, but our values and vision connect us. Whilst working remotely, we build on culture and togetherness to stay in sync and move forward.

Our objectives


We are creating a culture of collaboration. Our values are at the core of everything we do and aid in recruiting the best candidates.

Passionate about helping people

Interested in self-growth and improvement

Ready to cooperate with the team

Thoughtful and respectful to all

Proficient at designing impactful products

Agile and flexible to cope with an ever-changing landscape

Career list

Engineering Lead

GB, London

Full time

Product Manager

GB, London

Full time

Senior Back-End Engineer

GB, London

Full time

Senior Front-End Engineer

GB, London

Full time


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